Welcome to our site.

Our company provides a wide range of IT, network and HVAC related services.
Our clients are mainly small and medium enterprises located in Northern Poland.

Our long and extensive expertise in customer support, as well as implementations of services and solutions led us to think, that we are capable of providing top notch and highly personalized services for You and your enterprise.

  • we can help you plan, configure and purchase appropriate IT solutions fully customized for your company’s needs,
  • we can create and maintain enterprise grade web presence for your firm, with positioning  and around the clock service,
  • we can provide maintenance of your IT and office hardware, as well as help upgrade/modernize your assets.

Our dedicated, experienced IT specialists provide:

professional support,
fast and professional service,
service assurance and guarantee.


We take every service call with utmost seriousness. Remember – most important for us is your full satisfaction.